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5 Benefits of online piano lessons for parents

Here are five benefits of online piano lessons - they actually have some significant advantages over face-to-face piano lessons!

1. Keep your family healthy and well

This is particularly poignant at the moment, while the whole world is getting to grips with living with Covid-19. However, the proximity of piano lessons and sharing the same piano during a face-to-face lesson inevitably makes it more likely that coughs, colds, flu etc. will spread. Online piano lessons eliminates this risk.

2. Convenient location

Online piano lessons take place via an online platform such as Zoom, from the convenience of your home. This is the ultimate convenient location! All you need is an internet connection, and a device with a camera (such as a laptop, tablet, iPad or phone).

3. No travel time, costs or delays

Eliminating travel is a huge benefit of online piano lessons. There's no travel time to and from the lessons, and you can have high quality piano lessons from an excellent teacher wherever you live. There are no travel costs (fuel, bus fares, parking etc.). The other significant benefit is that there are never any travel delays, meaning you never waste time stuck in traffic on the way to the lesson, and so online piano lessons can always start on time.

4. Free time for parents during the piano lesson

The traditional face-to-face piano lesson usually involves a parent driving their child to the piano lesson, then waiting in the car (or in the teacher's home) for the duration of the lesson, before driving home again. This is not very time-efficient! Online piano lessons take place in your own home, meaning you are free to use the lesson time (plus the saved travel time) in ways that suit you. Of course, it is ideal if you can be present in the same room as your child during the lesson, which leads on to the final benefit...

5. Greater parent inclusion in the lessons

Online piano lessons are easy for parents to observe. I actively encourage my piano parents to be in the same room as their child during the online piano lesson. This is very easy if the piano is set up in the main living space of your home. As well as being a safeguarding measure, being present means you can observe what is learned in the lesson, ask questions of the teacher and feel involved in the process. Your child will appreciate your interest, and your piano teacher will be glad to give you advice, practice tips and progress updates.



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