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5 Benefits of playing the piano

Here are five reasons why playing the piano is good for you.

1. Playing the piano is a physical work-out

Playing the piano involves the whole body. It improves hand-eye co-ordination and develops fine motor skills. When you play, you are using many muscle groups. Not just the fingers, knuckles and wrists, but also the elbows, shoulders and back. Maintaining good piano posture involves alignment of the head, neck, back and torso. You also need a rooted connection to the ground through your feet and by sitting upright on the piano bench.

2. Playing the piano is a mental work-out

Playing a musical instrument activates many areas of the brain (on both the left and right side of the brain). It improves your memory and analytical skills. Making music encourages emotional sensitivity, creativity and self-expression. Practising the piano requires persistent and committed effort on a regular basis (daily) for an extended length of time (years). Focusing every day on improving, by working on the things that are currently on the edge of your capabilities is a real brain work-out.

3. Playing the piano improves your mood

Making music is a wonderful means of self-expression. Playing the piano regularly boosts your self-esteem, well-being and happiness. This is what draws people to play day after day for many years. Nothing restores me better than sitting at the piano and playing some of my favourite music, after a hard day at work or to help me get through an emotionally difficult time. Playing the piano is a great stress-buster!

4. Playing the piano is a skill for life

Once you have acquired the skills to read and understand written music, you will always know how. Like learning to ride a bicycle, you might get a little rusty if you don't use your musical skills for an extended period, but you will never entirely forget how to play the piano.

5. Playing the piano is fun!

Perhaps the most important benefit of playing the piano, it is a pleasurable activity that will bring you many hours of fun and enjoyment. Happy Playing!



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