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Create an “anytime, anywhere” playlist

Do you feel confident to just sit down and play the piano without notice, without notation and without embarrassment?

So many pianists feel anxious about playing “anytime, anywhere”. They tend to panic without written music. Or perhaps the piece they are practising is not yet ready for performance. Or they feel they have forgotten how to play a piece they finished learning in the past.

What is the solution? Create an “anytime, anywhere” piano playlist.

What is an “anytime, anywhere” piano playlist?

Simply put, this is a collection of three pieces of piano music that you know very well, thoroughly and deeply, preferably that you have also memorised, that you can play “anytime, anywhere”, without notice or embarrassment. The concept was created by Andrew Eales, which he calls the Active Repertoire project. You can find out more by visiting his website,

3 steps to create an “anytime, anywhere” piano playlist

1. Select three pieces that you can already play, and that you enjoy playing. Start with easier pieces that you can comfortably manage.

2. Play all three pieces every time you practise, with the aim of memorising them. Enjoy the process and don’t worry if memorising music is a new skill for you. Just relax and allow time!

3. Play your three pieces to other people whenever you get the chance.

Why create your own “anytime, anywhere” piano playlist?

Firstly, you will gain a great feeling of personal satisfaction. It is highly motivating to be able to play music well, with confidence and security, and with a deep expressive connection to the music. This comes from knowing the pieces really well, and from playing them daily.

The “anytime, anywhere” piano playlist gives you the freedom and confidence to play at a moment’s notice, wherever you are, at a friend’s home, on holiday, at the train station...

Memorising music is an extremely valuable skill, and one that you can develop over time by cultivating your “anytime, anywhere” piano playlist. As you learn new piano pieces, update and revise your playlist, to keep it fresh and interesting to play.

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